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On doubting God
I am a pro
It seems my reflection
In mirrored holds
Cloaks self doubting
And fears untold
Why is it so hardened holy
Or pure as blazoned gold
Not knowing God's Love
When truth's apparent
To every passing soul
That knowing God
In daily roles
Is more difficult
Than Central Casting
Where God is Love
And the person acting
Cannot fool the creator
For in His Love
There's truth to behold
And to lie during prayer
Is merely
The absence of faith
Where the pure of heart
Are judged on merit
Not upon
The lies they've told
God is truth
And doubting God
Is an unmistakable path
True faith
Can find 
Its Glory...

Tony Taylor
* final edit

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Tony I am a master of doubting God.  GREAT poem brother. Hope you are feeling better

Tony Taylor

Amen brother!!....thanx so much for hipping us to the truth !!.....I think it's something we all have to do at some point!!....... Love to you and yours!!...... kisses!!....... bravery shines!!...... later G!!......smiles.....T xo. : )

Cherie Leigh

Hey T....I always look at faith as a life journey, and the ones who become the most faithful are so from experiencing a lack of faith at one point in their life.  To question one's beliefs and the Creator is natural and a good thing, I believe...It is how we discern truth and to begin trust in God.  God knows our thoughts and actions before we do, so once we accept this, it becomes a matter of growing in that relationship and wanting to seek His will for our life instead of our own....and that is where true faith steps in!  "God is truth everlasting" as you say, and there is no getting around truth, even if we deceive ourselves....lol.  I find comfort in knowing I am not alone as I stumble around in life.  As you always tell me, "God has a plan."  Sometimes we have to have faith to wait for it to reveal itself.  Patience is not my best virtue...lol  I love you spiritual writes, T.  They make me ponder. Love n Hugs, xo ;)

Flower Girl

Hey Tony.......what a great ink......soul searching within one self is need at times.......so many gracious points in this......yes we cannot fool God.......cause He knows all that we think....what we mean....we feel......for He is the Master of our creation.....we forget that when we pray. We ask for His guidance when we are broken......yet we don’t praise Him when all is right......we lose faith when things don’t change......cause we as ourselves live the same in our ways. In reality......we fool ourselves thinking all the changing is in the hands of God. Wowzers T.......this has brought so many thought to my mind.....thank you for sharing amazing thoughts......purple luv & hugs xo :)

Tony Taylor

YAY!!,,,thanx PURPLE!!... you're SOOO right in so many ways.....thanx tons for sharing your thoughts on this subject matter....... God Rules in so many more ways than we even care to admit to ourselves!!....... you're the BOMB FlowerGirl!!...lots of kisses!!....... and thanx for this!!........T xo. : )

Tony Taylor

thanx for the stars and for reading JOHN ASTLEY!!..... smiles.........T xo. ; )

Tony Taylor

Thanx so much for reading this one Mr. PROPHET!!...... hugs-n-Kisses!!.....T xo. : )

Icarus Flocke

this is amazing man.

I think for many Faith is strengthened most
when tested, and critically examined objectively
before coming to any theological/metaphysical

Some break the cycles of indoctrinated
conditioning, study other views, and then form
their own after a careful weighing of all the
facts. (or assumed facts I should say?)

The battle between faith and (supposed)
reason consists in choosing whether or
not to "accept" what cannot be tangibly
proven, opposed to only believing what is
evident to ones immediate senses.

(Ias for me?  strive for a middle ground of sorts,
and attempt a...marriage of faith and
reason, while leaving the door open to
change, if new evidence presents itself.)

writers like you though...damn.
writers like you, emerson, thoreau, melville
Longfellow etc.

fill me with a sense of the divine when
i read your works.

great work brother.