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Dreams sweet dreams

Dreams sweet dreams

I sneak a look  while you're asleep 
And wonder what dreams you keep 
Dreams of things you want to do 
In far of places only known to you
Or maybe its rainbows and unicorns 
That fill your head, from night till morn
Whatever it is that makes you smile 
I wish I could be there with you, for a little while

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Tony Taylor

A lovely and loving write dear poet sister!!...... highlighted by some VERY well delivered phrasing that drip beauty into the imagery ~

                 ~ "Maybe it's rainbows and unicorns
                     That fill your head from night till morn..."

I just posted a poem about dreaming a few minutes ago..... it has a unicorn as a picture too...... guess we're on the same wave-length (smiles).......ALL STARS!!...... enjoyed this MANDY!!..... your cyber-friend and admirer!!.........T xo ūüźß‚úī‚̧

Mandy Hoy

Thank you for the comments.

To be called a poet by someone so talented is an honor indeed.....

and my 9 year old granddaughter is autistic and is a massive unicorn fan. 

Your poems are very inspiring