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Effects of a bad weather ni

The sky began to darken as the night crawled in, rain lashed in every direction through the Howling Wind.on peeping through the curtains I thought I'm glad to be indoors then I felt an eerie shiver hearing the creeking of my floors. My immediate reaction is to quickly run to bed, a panic of the unknown creating all kinds in my head. Locked saftley in my room among familiar comforts and toys my body freezes my heart beat booms to an unfamiliar noise. It's coming from the landing it's right outside my door , a sound of rapid breathing and a pacing of the floor. A sense of sheer panic totally engulfs my mind , what should I do ? Should I go and look ? Oh god what would I find ? The rain still lashing the wind still howling and the darkness of the night , be brave and go and investigate , this fear I must fight ! So armed with my mobile phone and a shoe from my bedroom floor I get a grip of myself , take a deep breath and unlock my bedroom door. Slowly turning the handle and praying to the Lord my God , I yank open the door , look down on the floor and to my relief was my faithful pet dog . 

By Ch'reece J Brown 

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charlotte connolly

lol. you make it sound like something awful is going to be there but its just your pet dog lol, fear can do funny things to ones mind , thinking all sorts. well put together , i like it

Ch'reece Jon Brown

Thank you . To grab the attention of the reader into a certain scenario only to end with the unexpected seems to work ha! Thank you again for your kind comment and I'm really glad you enjoyed reading ' A Bad Weather Night ' 😇