Poem -

Emotional Loss

Emotional Loss

They say Death comes in threes,
I will never understand,
Does Mr. Grimm have a grudge?
Taking all three in nine short months.

When you lose so many,
In such a short time,
The pain that you feel,
Quickly fades,
From sadness to anger,
These emotions are berserk.

I can't seem to cry,
It's ticking me off,
Burning with flames,
That just won't go away.

Mad at the Universe,
For taking them away,
Mad at the gates,
For opening that day,
Mad at myself,
For loosing all faith.

With these emotions,
I just feel so numb,
Loosing control,
Of my body and soul.

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tara septer

Thank you for stopping by. My emotions are off their rockers right now. To me this seems to be the only way to deal I know I have friends and family to talk to butΒ  I tend to find it hard to talk about my emotions


I know how you feel, it is so much easier to write what is so painful than to share it with family. I am exactly the same way. I can put into words the saddest tale, but can't seem to tell my daughter what she means to me. It is easier for me to let her go on thinking me the monster than for me to tell her how I feel. I wrote her a poem once but she has a lot of me in her. Forgiveness doesn't come easy for her either.

tara septer

Exactly, and I'm sorry to hear that one day she will forgive you everyone has their own way of dealing with things some time it takes time before they can can forgive something. I was mad at my mom for a longtime but I ended up just letting it goΒ