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Estrenar is the act of using something for the first time.
Do you mind if I use you ? 
You said my eyes sparkle when I am talking with passion.
I want to see it too.
You said my smile was half prude, half mischevious.
You said you fell for it. 

Dear estrenar,
for the first time I want to fall in love with me.
I want to kiss my lips with yours,
I want to discover my body for the first time.
You eyes gave me an idea, but I want to feel it too.
I want to name every constellation you found on my skin. 
I want my heartbeat to go crazy when I am not around.
I want to be jealous of myself when I am thinking about you.
I want to say my name when you ask me if there's someone else.
I want you to fear the fact I might leave you to be alone with myself.

Dear estrenar,
you are the first time I want to fall in love with me.

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estrenar ( spanish )
to wear for the first time


got that from professor Google as a friend would put it lol,  I found this write to be of a profound yet personal nature.

for the first time I want to fall in love with me

every line is demanding it's own recognition , in it's simplicity , it speaks in deep volumes to the mind and soul .

I want to keep that line in my heart as i continue on my day, I am wondering if I can say these words to myself...

thank you for sharing these soulful pics of you, with us here on cosmo!

K. F.

You are very welcome.
I am glad my world has a place in this cosmos.