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Even the old that dies with us we leave behind

Even the old that dies with us we leave behind

Time is old"
But rotten is time.

So it's the clock that 
That's slow to die..

the present knows only now, 
and can't lie' to the pass.
For the pass is dead 
a second before now.

making body's"
The only ones to grow.
Making life'
The only one
Too lay In rows.

The soul accumulates life
And those not age,
It just always goes.
It's our skulls that loose glow.
When the day's bring beige.

The soul with or without life"
Has always been ghost. 
We live after death
AND that's that!
You know..!

Nothing ages were
It most matters.

No man is born a coward
Each is given feet that point forward.

Not one place"
Has a different pace..

When has a race seen 
always the same face.

Our emotions are the one's 
that leave trace.
Before the end of present page.

But not before I love you...
more and more
As days become less 
For a day that last forever.
And moments that have know end... but a soon only to go Up. And then back again. 
and back to on.

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