Poem -

Fall in love

Fall in love

To love someone is not a crime,
maybe he will not have a single dime.
Some ladies are after the money,
they say no money, forget this honey.

Do not love a woman's beauty,
it is fleeting, rather look for her honesty.
Will you still love her when she is fatter?
The beauty of her heart does matter.

Love is not a game, not a child's play,
love resides in the heart, I must say.
Don't fool with someone's feelings,
when only for you, the heart truly clings.

Fall in love with someone's personality,
You will find they have a unique ability.
Love their silly quirks and funny ways,
love their free spirit, enjoy happy days.

My prayer is may you find your true love,
a soul mate sent from heaven above.
One day you will have a crazy love story,
it will be fresh in your memory.

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Cherie Leigh

Amen!  This is how love should be....the all of one's quirks, individual personality that you find so charming....inexplicable but real!  xo  Great write. 

A Lonely Journey

That was great, Stephanie. Sooooo on point, and so true. 
It's funny, I was just talking to a wonderful friend, and trying to convince her that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her, that you love everything about someone when you love them, there are no faults in them, and that her heart was so amazing that that's the only thing that truly matters. 
Of course, I look like a sea sick yak, so no one could ever love me, but that's beside the point. She's wonderful. 

Great writing, and message. 

Loved it! 


Roger Joseph

Beautiful... that's love my friend. You got this.