Poem -

family vs friends

Friendship comes and friendship goes,
Disrupting our lives and messing with their flows,
only be my friend,
if you understand,
if you know...
I've chosen this path,
which one is it that you follow?
stop making promises that you cant keep,
ones with holes in,
ones that are hollow.
That's a different wholly different story though.
family is unconditional and their love is naturally there to show.
its upto you and them as to how your family grows.
family aren't allowed to come and go,
whether you like it or not,
your families blood coursing through you,
never stopping its endless flow...
the difference with friends is,
they don't have to stick around,
there's a choice you see,
unlike family,
as with family,
you're rooted into your lifetime tree.
All our families stretch back through history,
but can you say that of a friendship?
as there's no roots to be bound,
on your family tree,
none of your friends will be found!

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