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First Impressions, False Expectations

First Impressions, False Expectations

Leaving everything behind
Through the aperture of the gold mine.
Unto the discordant, jarring alleyway
The debris scattered upon the ground below me

My soul churlish
If only I could wish
Wish to revert
If only I had been alert
What held for me ahead
Which path, to which I was lead

My first impression, you were yet a cheerful treacle
Little did I know we would give in to such a wrangle
I had been servile, obscurely humble
Though you turned it all into rubble

We all had planned to surprise you on your special day,
Expecting rays of sunshine, but acquiring grey
As you opened our presents, we stood there in audit
Receiving in return only but vague plaudits
We shared with you our inmost secrets
Trusted you to keep them occult
Alas, that trust had been riven, and led us to uttermost insult
Showing no vestige, no excerpt for humanity, being a psued
Wanted all to go by your own bonanza, your decree, acting remarkably shrewd

The time had come, when we would be in a hassle
Passing through the halls, giving nothing but a jostle

This thought, which wouldn’t seem preclude to hover, rather linger
My mind’s eye that had become a tinger
Tracing ever so lightly, shades of purple and blue
Natural rivals, as me and you

Enduring junctures of vigil nights and days it took us to skepticize
Our acts of laggards, to finally realize
Howbeit of arduous efforts to collaborate
To grope for keys in keeping our friendship as a citadel, amend it from strait

The right key is, as the adage,
β€œThey call you a traitor
If you want something greater”

Note : Always remember never to underestimate everything that makes you special
If you feel low compared to anyone else around you
Or if someone deliberately makes you feel that way
keep in mind, you have your own potential
Don’t be a scoffer
Evolve your friendships, and be happy with what they have to offer!

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Aditi Jagtap

Thank you so much...this poem is written by my daughter :)

Aditi Jagtap

Thank you so much...this poem is written by my daughter :)