Poem -

Bye is forever

Bye is forever

Amor!.. how do I say hi!..?

knowing that one day,

I'll have to say bye!

darling I wonder...

if when I do meet you

will you think I'm weird..

And leave as far

As nowhere near!...

if I start off with saying bye?...

will you be able to see why..?

That maybe all this time

we've been wrong, To be right...

And just maybe ...

I love you So much

i actually found A way

We're our love can stay

With us and not chase it

To were it stays true

like gorilla glue

Where my hands on you lay

Day after day

Like the last day of last may

When i first for it prayed.

And how your aqua soft drippy body

On me layed evreyday

Bite after taste not a sip when to waist.

But that can only happen

If trew my eyes you can belief

That my heart has found a remedee

but father will only granted

Too dos. Too two.....

The belief In ever 2....

But in never

We cant never belief

Not us two.

only ever at our eyes

can I have you for life. 

The life of time ..

if all that starts with a hi 

will end like bye is to die.

Like truth its no lie..

Just like all thats new

Turns into something we knew..

Amor..im just traying

forever stay by your side

i dont want to make you warm

I seen what time those

And soon somehow

I know youll turn cold...

Sorry no more not my gold.

so when we meet please

don't leave when I say bye

I really mean hi

sorry darling but to keep you

I'm going to have to try.


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