Poem -

For my Gran

For my Gran

Today I heard you had passed away
 I could not find the words to say
 I was in shock no words to speak
 As tears were rolling down my cheek

 The thoughts of you will never fade
 Lasting memories that were made
 The fun the laughter the smiles on your face
 When I needed it you were my safe space

 I'll always regret not giving you more time
 You will always hold a place in this heart of mine 
I loved you so much I hope you knew
 There were not enough times when I told you
 You had your faults like we all do
 But they will never be as many as good in you

 I hope you and grandad are back together as one 
I just wish you had not gone
 You wanted to go you had been through enough 
But no one can say that you were not tough

 My fun loving gran who live full of care
 I still cannot believe you will no longer be there
 I love you and miss you but your memories I hold 
Like a previous gift made from gold 

I want to thank you,
 For you were the one
 Who brought me love and safety,
 When I felt there was none
I hope youre at peace now, where you belong
 I hope that without you I can be strong
Thank you for making my childhood the best 
You don't have to suffer now, it's your time to rest

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Terry Kay

Littlegirl lost,
This is a beautiful dedication to your Grandmother. So full of heartfelt sorrow and love.n I loved it and was do moved.  I am sorry for your lost.  Your Grandma is in a wonderful new home.  Bless you... Terry Kay