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For Neville

For Neville

Thinking of you Locked in Prussian Blue
Sylphs and Undines on a Winters Day
Tangled nets and Seaweed.
Sea blown spray.

Coastal walk in grey September rain
20 years departed
Free from pain
Palette of a brighter hue
Heavenly planets surrounding you

Back on Earth I'm breathing in the salted air
Walking home in the rain
With my damp black hair
Scribing poetry to free my demons

I see you in Viridian, Purple and Blue
In the changing of the clouds
And the Moons reflected hue

I see you in the lapping of the water at my feet
In the spiral of a sea lapped shell
In the changing of the seasons
And in the words whispered  on the breeze

You live on in the snowdrops in Spring
The chatter of the Blackbird as she sings
And in the hearts and minds of those you touched

 Thinking of you Locked in Prussian Blue
Undercurrents of Autumn tides
Changing seasons and Palettes blue

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