Poem -


Sorry but I can't
Can't rearrange a heart
that is filled with hurt
Just to please your forgetfulness 
And your boredom

When you remember 
Things you do
Things you say
That affects others 
You won't recognise 
You were even at that moment
You will as always forget

Tied to the moment
You are freed from self analysis
Free to act all anew
To hurt
To leave turmoil
That does no harm to your forgetfulness

None but you gets out
None but you remembers
What never was done or said
None but you has a conscience

You are free
Shackled by no mirror
Tied to no reality
Gifted with a blank look
That dismisses all

One day no one will
Get slain
None will be chirped 
Flirted into a nightmare
None will recognize you 
Just as you lost your remembrance
And forgotten them