Poem -

Four primary colours

Four primary colours

Pretty pallette of paints which are green, white & blue, blended together will be a turquoise hue
Whilst pots of red & white are let me think, Oh yes it should create a very nice pink
Let me see, yellow & blue should always make green but mixing blue & red makes a purple sheen
Everyone knows that agitating pots of red & yellow with turn out an orange shade so warm & mellow

These four primary colours, yellow, green, red & blue when mixed with each other make colours anew
Of course an artist will use these four pots of paint each day to create loads of other shades in his own unique way
The same four basic colours we take for granted , the sky, sea, grass & flowers that are planted
Such a wonderful world, in everything we see with natural pigmentations, beautifully adorned with shaded filterationsĀ 


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