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Lol thought this world was full of pearls
nah kid ain't no pearls in this world for 
a kid like me, squid like me you see.
They flee but i just want the key to make them see
I'm the one to be.
This just a preview no need to review look at this shit I done been through
Fuck a crew they don't have a clue , they don't know the truth.

I'm like a bluetooth the way these people try to connect 
but they can't connect like a reject, man give me my respect before I
collect ya check, you better hope it's a defect cuz now I'm a suspect
lol nah take a joke you better stay woke before you get smoked.
This pain is something real, man i'm just tryna heal
but that's not an option, got to live with caution.

But I'm losing the cite of light
trying to fight for what's right
in the daylight,
but at night i'm not right i just might
grab the knife or the rife to end a life
despite what's right, Fuck the light
it's darkness in my sight
no need to re-write the night.

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Keith Stubbs

Another fine peice Arriana deep and powerful x

Keith Stubbs

I've only been doing it since may, there's some great writers on here though, give me inspiration all the time x