Poem -

Friendship ❤️❤️

Friendship ❤️❤️

I’m meeting my friend for a Catchup & a chat
I’ll be joining another friend
For a walk after that

We’ll be talking about everything
My voice will get hoarse
Too much yacking
But thats my fault of course

We will discuss lifes events
We let off some stream
I will try to remember
Last night’s weird dream

My friends are amazing
So important to me
After I’v spent time with them
I’m as happy as can be

We are on the same wave lenght
Live in the same town
We buck each other up
When we are feeling down

I’ve got friends from my childhood
Ones I’ve met along the way
All are equally important
To me I have to say

Friends come into your life
Though you may just have a few
It doesn’t matter how many
They mean the world to you

Always there for a natter
on the end of a phone
Willing to listen to your chatter
&  sympathise with your moan

There’s nothing better 
Than a good cup of tea
Talking about the world, 
With my buddy & me

Occasionally we get together
Go to the restaurant to dine
Its a grand way to pass the Evening
With a nice bottle of wine


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