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From December to September

From December to September

Wherever my mood takes me is in anyone’s imagination.. as fingers scribble wiffle-waffles from betwixt my inner mind’s mentation..I honestly haven’t an iota what I am going to write, as I knuckle down with a pen in my hand poised for my delight..you see I find it such a tonic to transport within my head..if I didn’t do my ditties, what would I do instead ?

Sit around in boredom with a glum look on my face, watching the world go by from within my window pane wishing I was at another place.. Oh heaven’s no, that’s not me at all, I’d much rather window shop in the shopping center at the mall.. or stroll along the sandy shore, paddling my ankles in the salty sea.. now there’s an absolute delightful daydream and where I love to be..so on this chilly winter’s day on the onset of December, I shall vault my memories back to my lovely coastal walks that I did in September

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