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There is no one that can stop me from loving you
There is a place in my heart just for you
I can’t hide in the past anymore
She turns on me every time I try to make it work
It’s over now and I have to let her go I have to move on, there’s to much pain there

Laura you are the one for me
I won’t let you down
There is no one else
She's just an old friend
who haunts me now
And I only want you now

I left Gloria behind years ago
I came back around to my home town for her
And I can’t get through to her
All I wanted was for her to come over
She was scared I’d abandon her
And I am now but I never did I’ve always been there even from far away
I came back, to come back down to lift her up
I did what would make her happy
and that wasn’t good enough
She turned her back on me…
She turned her back on me

Than you came through and saved me from myself
I was self-destructive…
she is destruction
You came through and gave me something to believe in
I was wasting away…
she was wasting me away…

You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with You’re a selfless angel she's a selfish devil in disguise
Be forewarned that she’s a blessing in disguise She made me see exactly what isn’t good for me
I want you, I need you, I love you… I'm dating outside this circle
She will always be that one I left behind
You came through and gave me hope again
I was a hopeless romantic and now there’s hope again

There was a time when she made me see what to look for
Now I know that she made me see that I have to date outside the circle
I expect nothing less or nothing more than to love and be loved
You and I won’t put each other down or let each other down
Just know that you are loved… by me  

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