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Genesis of The Civil (God is with the poor)

Genesis of The Civil (God is with the poor)

Trample on your garments

- Gospel according to Thomas

mother and father
trampled under foot
sacrifice we them
like babes afore
a falling spawn
our greats too
insatiable curiosity
peeling the onion
that’s made us all cry
first the grains
we took we planted
and grew strong
built a city
chakras off
fires on
blurred into
will have legs
must run
their guilt?
to in eden remain
next we scoffed
and mocked
and drowned
walling the rivers
by chained old hands
and when our wars
got a bit too loud
we ate from
pyrotechnic bush
raised the volume

a generation
laid with lead
to the heart
to the head
but cannons
they weren’t enough
we had to show them
that we’re tough
can even kill an atom too
and what else

have we uncovered?
the stuff that’s left
the surface smothered
a black treasure
took us to the skies
tarred our roads
and gave us rainbow wood
that flows
gaffer tape to mouths
sealed shut
then we gone
and locked them up
them we decked
with plastic clothes
them we
force fed toxic acids
and gases and
who knows?
stuff I guess
that none should eat
we squeezed our shoes
onto their feet
and now the waters
very sick
and the soils too
we had a garden
its guardians
now who can
make this right?

And they caste lots over his robe.       

- Gospel according to Matthew

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Barry Childs

I love this. So well put, and intriguing.   Barry x