Poem -

Glue and new plates.

He said there's beauty in being broken, a China plate with cracks
and glue

Hearts were whole, endangered, see through

Covered with the image of you,

How much it hurt when the bruises came out

The blue purple black
On white

And you an angel, a saviour, cast some miracle light

For chaos, and whole I beg much pardon

Being complete was never the deal

Just love me like some glue and new plates

I'm starting to heal.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi sis...We all have our pasts of brokenness, and need to be loved unconditionally to heal....Pass me that glue..lol  Thanks for sharing your heart. xo Much love 


Ive plenty of glue beautiful girl
totally sharing with you
Love ya heaps, Nardine xox