Poem -

Gone is the sun

Gone is the sun

Gone is the sun
The light
The mother
The father
The champion of life and beauty

Gone are the Blue and gold hues chasing each other across the sky, dancing over sea’s and resting there, in clouds

We had you, loved you and in our own selfish way stole from you
Never really thinking there would be an end
You were such a good addiction we didn't think of you, or any one else, but ourselves and the immediate gain 

We consumed you, took all of you and now, as we are turned back into from which we ran on, grew on, worked on

From which we made our lives on

From which we played on with our grandiose ideas of human superiority 

From that which we now cry out in despair, while trying to repair centuries of disregard  

Only to find out we are to late

You are to polluted with hate and human consumption 

For like a good addiction we had to hit the bottom before we realised our short comings

By then you were gone

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