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‘Grab them when you are able!’

‘Grab them when you are able!’

The mountainous climb for achievement for some people is too steep, they are afraid to view the ravine below them coz that drop is really deep...If one never takes any chances they shall never achieve their goal..sticking in a habitual rut in the same familiar hole

Life has opportunities we have to grab them when we are able but these exciting adventures are not laid out on our table, one has to forage & find them whilst we may have to risk it all... but the more often we do this the higher we rise without a fall

Self confidence is a bonus in one’s uncertainty of doubt to believe in ourselve’s is what that’s all about, trust in your own abilty, listen to your intuition... strive ahead with positiveness then you will conquer any given mission

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Jill Tait

Thank you so much Marion so pleased you enjoy xx