Poem -

Grave Mistake Sir

ATT: Prince of the Air

Oh Satan why did you settle;
Why didn't you trust that there was more?
Surely you knew God can do things new;
That He can flip things on their head,
and package pleasant pearly surprises
Even the impossible feat
of wrapping himself up in a body
with two hands and two feet
Albeit laying dormant and
dying to His Self
The philosopher's stone:
too heavy for the omnipotent to lift
Satan oh shame!
Why did you disobey on that day--
When He told you to prostrate
to the Red Clay?
Along with all life on earth bow
Every tree, bird, lizard and bovine
And still instead of surrender
You slyly imitate
By building towers filled with power
Carrying man to an inferno fate
To get revenge for all you've suffered
disembodied in putrid sulfer
wings clipped and glory torn assunder
And woe to those foolish goats
who worship in corporate and priestly coats
At meccas of economy and religion
Thinking they can serve both God and mammon
What blind vision
When the viel was torn
and Herod's Temple leveled
to mock your rule oh Devil
And make a clear display
of salvation's mighty way
Manifest in your nemesis
The Son of Man
Presence of the Great I AM
And now the Kingodom of Light has spawned
In the hearts of anthropos
His sun has dawned
You are undone
Your plans doomed to fail
More and more of us are stepping out of jail
The gates are openned
Your lies will not prevail
Our tabernacle's here
It is the House of God
we're embarking on our ride
A cruise ship enterprise
With banquette delights
to feast our spirit eyes
And the love will go on
after you are long gone
In a heaven filled with healing and song
Perhaps if you seek forgiveness
You can still join us
The future is bling
In fact quite glorious

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