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Only sixteen but this young lady talks a lot of sense
All about climate change and its lasting consequence
Greta Thunberg is this young lady's name 
Inspiring a generation and putting politicians to shame

Been recently voted Person of the Year and rightly so
Comes from Sweden if you didn't already know 
Goes to climate change events by train and boat
Reporters and the media all wanting an exclusive quote

It's people like Greta I greatly respect and admire
Fighting her cause which can only inspire 
Keep up the good work my young Swedish friend
My positive thoughts and best wishes to you I send

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Brother I give you 5 stars for your creativity though the content is absolutely misguided. Greta speaks on ignorance and is based on progressive fairytales.  The truth is Man has little control with climate change.  We can strive to do better but in the end climate will.ultimately change.  

Greg Etsell

great poem I like Greta she trys to wake up 
the world on how bad the environment is
but most gov trun there back or closes there eyes
yes you cant control the weather but you can control
what comes out cars and factories and there is lots 
other things we can control if we want to theres
no fairytale about that  the thing we can control