Poem -

Reconciliation in Auburnistan

Reconciliation in Auburnistan

Dharawal wallaby smokes inside the earth
Druid soup boils lamb in thyme

eucalypt and pumpkin
we see one another across the river

songlines paint a bora

Tiong Hua stroodle cuddles durian slush
Gothic fleisch dry out in their skins

cherry and pine
we drum our hearts

bell chimes prophesy union

Hellenic clams turn water into oceanΒ Β 
Roman herbs stir into wheat strands

cypress and olive
i evoke peace upon you

monastic chants blanket the plain

Mekong shoots flavour the phở
Latin mince scooped up in corn starch

bamboo and tomato
we kiss ruddy cheeks

mantra mutters hope toward the horizon

Phoenician wood bakes pizza bases
Anatolian hands powder delights

cedar and rose
i remove my sandals

adhan weaves stillness from a minaret

Siamese sauces add tang to the salad
Cyrillic radish refreshes the palette

plum and orange
i bless your home

melodies in sanskrit sweeten the twilight

Pacific bbq served upon palms
Ceylon chai brews into the dawn

banana and coconut
i sip a beverage

sharing of journeys draws up tears

Nusantara satay marinates the poultry
Burmese pepper enhances the fish

manggo and lime
we evoke god

embraces heal the pain

Indus staple mixed with spice
Babylonian legumes roast fragrant

papaya and date
i rinse my hands

magnetic laughter deepens the joy

Persian mutton soaks in saffron
Kush okra stews in maize

grape and melon
we dine on a rug

hearty haka stomps impart vitality

This starts our New Day

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