Poem -

H།ddeה Depress།oה

H།ddeה  Depress།oה

How can I get away, 
when I’m forced to stay.

Hanging on the dream of freedom,
Like a tick on a vein,
I need to extract my dream for boredom,
and get sick from the pain.

Integrity was my first try,
wanting to accept that this reality is a lie.
But the feeling of routine overcame, 
so my anger thrown toward the world is to blame
and my first try became muted.

Seeking out for some distraction,
i found the same reaction.

My help and offering seems to be invisible,
the time I spend for others wealth,
even more worth than to use it for myself.

Unable to even throw my body towards the city,
society looks at someone like a hippie.
Forced to adapt in a dull sphere,
nobody is happy here.

Chained to this prejudiced generation,
even out in the world i get desperation.
Am i a human or a dress?
nothing is constructive and only a mess.

The poor thankfulness is hiding behind greed,
How I want to escape 
cuz all that
We don’t need -

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Ian William

I feel the same way, its disheartening to exist in a world that is  sleepwalking and yet convinced of its own progression, while unaware of how infantile its desires truly are. It's unbearable to walk the path they lay, the one with no regard for individual purpose. Very well written Rubidus!

Rubidus San

As above , so below...
if this
is true,
the black upon the nightsky
must be the soulless vessels floundering on earth,
And beings like you -Ian are the few little stars we are able to see.
Thanks for sharing words ;

Cleo Tomi Olajide

Lovely true write Rubidus. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to cosmofunnel.

Rubidus San

•※•※•Hey there...•※•※•
I send you gratefulness back;