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Halfway up to Heaven

Halfway up to Heaven

I am climbing up a steep mountain
but there is a distance to the very top
I’m only halfway up to heaven but I adore this lovely backdrop

On the summit of that highest height is where I long to be
Even if it takes me forever I shall make it just you see

Away from civilisation, far from the bustling city crowd
When I reach the top of this mountain the beautiful blue sky above shall be my shroud

As I stand in solitude with not a soul in miles, I feel the presence of archangels looking down on me with smiles

I can almost touch them, Oh how radiant these heavenly beings are, each wearing a golden halo & twinkling like a star

Above the World’s Wonderland,
beyond the Promised land
A happiness of immortality with God’s calling as command


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Tony Taylor

Wow JILL!!...this screams 'Tranquility'!!...... the leading and most moving imagery that you paint throughout this piece creates a near meditative mood and tone....... It's VERY well crafted from a timing point of view and allows the reader just enough room to become completely engrossed!!......ALL STARS!!...... well conceived & BEAUTIFULLY delivered!!.... high fives girlfriend!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo 🐧❤

Jill Tait

Thank you Tony so pleased you enjoy x