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Hanging around!!

Hanging around!!

One is always waiting and anticipating for one thing or another, that delivery van bringing a parcel from your Mother..whilst you know it is coming and yes an email said it was today, but at what precise time, alas this information it didn’t say

Postponing prior engagements and staying in your house, this nuisance even has it’s impact on your spouse.. coz you already have a job to do from 9.30 til 10, so Hubby’s not allowed to roam anywhere until after then..well he is not amused and feels he’s being used, tho why an earth he actually thinks that has you confused

Never-the-less this situation is such a pest, as you’ve hung around all day.. you wouldn’t be at tall surprised if they got lost along the way..well you think that would be impossible, everyone has garmin or sat nav, well maybe’s not everybody but I know I have..

You would put your pj’s on coz it’s pitch-black outside, you like to lock your doors, watch television from the t.v.  guide..but he still hasn’t landed, nobody’s knocked on your door.. by now you are infuriated..as you pace back and forth along the floor..dam, blast and botheration..a text message just pinged on your phone, “Your parcel should arrive tomorrow, appologies for the postpone”


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