Poem -

~ Hard Rain ~

~ Hard Rain ~

At the very heart of me
It rains,
My Lord, please clear my misted sight
That I may view thy divinity
For I am but a humble soul
Bravely minded and keenly aware
Of Mother Nature's earthen depths
As she so obviously
Diverts my attention elsewhere
With Hard Rain
And thinking man's thoughts...

If I have freedom
In my Love of Metaphysics
And if, in my soul, I am free
In my most intimate celestial meanderings
Will not the rain cease?
And the sunlight of thy glory
Smile upon my face,
As I stand here ashamed and grievously worn
By this most human
Whilst evil taunts me as if to say
I am ignorant
Of your glorious
In these seasons
And the rains they bring...

I am oh so prepared my Lord
Wash me clean
That I may linger
In the magic of your gardens
With the sunlight
Of thy Glory
Upon my face...

Tony Taylor
* final edit


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Cherie Leigh

This is so beautiful, T!  It feels like a plea to God in prayer...as if to surrender and ask Him to help one who feels very much the struggles of living in the flesh to feel the Kingdom of God.  There is a humbling acceptance felt too .  I know your life is full of hard rains from your health struggles and pain.  I am sorry you hurt.  But you are on the right track to seek God amidst your seeking in this world.  This is such a personal part of you, that I had to pin it.  Love n Hugs, C

Tony Taylor

Thanx C!!......you ARE correct in every aspect of your comment on this write.......I am so excited just to have you be a part of EVERYTHING that is going on with me.....and there is INDEED...quite a LOT....from coordinating my music recording projects to my health issues....... I just feel so lucky to have you " In  on it ALL!!".......Love you tons!!........kisses........T xo  🐧😊❤❤❤✴🐧


As always you stun me with your awesome creativity!  Love you brother

Tony Taylor

Thank you brother GREG!!......ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from youmy friend!!......hope all is well with you and yours......heading to your page right now!!......Peace-n-Stuff!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤

John Astley

Fabulous Tony "The sunlight of glory upon my face".

Just amazing mate. 

Tony Taylor

Thank you JOHN!!!......I REALLY like that line too!!......[stay groovy brother!].........smiles........T xo 🐧✴❤