Poem -

Haunting Dream of Past

Haunting Dream of Past

Many, many years ago,
A little girl I was,
With a reoccurring nightmare,
That was never understood.

Every night, a month straight,
I had this same dream,
More and more it progressed,
All I could do was scream.

Always started the same way,
With three people in a car,
Never having any faces,
So I did not know who they were.

The clouds were so dark,
As if there was a storm,
Nothing but curvey turns,
Like an old country road.

Looking at empty faces,
As if I was one,
Laughing and having fun,
How can it go wrong?

All of sudden, thunder roars,
As lightning filled the sky,
Screeching noise and a crunch,
Echoed through my ears.

Jumping up from my sleep,
Shaken with fear,
Not knowing what it meant,
Really scared me so.

Don't forget it progressed,
It started the same way,
Exactly the next night,
I know it sounds very strange.

So many empty faces,
Surrounded all around,
Almost like they were sad,
And that's how it all ended.

You haven't heard, not just yet,
The strangest part to come,
for the dream came to life,
And we lost a loved one.

The reason I share it now,
Here comes the shock,
The first part I dreamt last night,
Only this time there was two.


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Simon Bromley

What a brilliant and intriguing write.  Really enjoyed.

tara septer

Thank you for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed it