Poem -


World ablaze!
Whilst some laze.
Freedoms slogan,
Still unbroken!
Hard hats worn,
as Liberty torn!
Millions march a storm,
Against oppression norm.
Militant patience waits...
Idling behind its gates.
Freedom torn asunder!
Yet none do plunder.
Civil disobedience polite,
Paid with blue spite!
Viral support given,
Safe from any decision.
Freedom demonstrations,
Supported by impotent objections!
Months of nothing won...
From Main lands Don,
No blood spilled,
yet fear it be fulfilled.
Price to pay,
Crimson the only way?
Stand! Be heard!
Silent voice before the herd.
Amidst the clamour 
Of red armour,
Stand defiant!
Never compliant!
In silence you will drown
Whilst evil wears a crown.
To die free...
...rather than slavery!


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