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Hole in the whole

Hole in the whole

Holey socks is a pest coz your toes pop thru, ‘Holy God almighty’ may the Lord be with you..holey string vests like old Granda’s used to wear, a sponge is full of tiny holes yet still holds water in there..there’s a whole lot of holes on a grassy golf course, you need a hole in a bottle for to drip out your sauce.. skeletons are full of holes when the skin wears away, but if there’s holes in your skin then your in dismay

An aperture is a small narrow hole, a religious belief has a holy soul.. there’s holes in pepper pots and salt shakers too, we shake both of these condiments into a home made stew.. holes thru straws, holes notched into wood, worn out holes in our clothes is not good..almost everything including our bodies is absolutely full of holes and bagels we eat for our breakast have a hole thru rolls

Infact when one actually takes time to think about holes as I sit studying my sitting room they play important roles..holes in dvd’s, plug sockets and and even loos, which is very vital indeed to flush away people’s poos.. isn’t it strange one single word can mean a whole lot more, even a keyhole needs a hole bored through a door.. I realise I am waffling and deep thinking about a hole but you should know my brain by now, it gets out of control

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Cherie Leigh

Lol...Well, I will never look at holes the same now...as you have given them a more meaningful reverent purpose...You are a deep thinker, Jill...and I think that is cool.  I think we should always remain curious and seek to know answers in life...I enjoyed.  Love n Hugs, ;) xo