Poem -



I spied, a dimpled star in the heavens
As though a bejeweled telescope spoke to me
Of the common thread running through all things rare
Such a small space they occupy in times canopy
A dimpled smile amid a momentary flare

What a wondrous sight, to dance upright in the night
As though a golden telescope caught the tail of a comet
And afforded me, as a witness, an uncommon delight
A surf in the night's sun, and I, a rider upon it
A night surfer, riding a wave beyond twilight

Forever transformed, my soul did break apart
As though an evolved telescope spying every DNA strand
And the great over-soul redirecting it all through my heart
Where I became a Holy Surfer riding divinities black art
Vanishing into the original black-hole of abstract art

And in anticipating the glide
As a Holy Surfer
I surfed upon adrenaline
In its natural form
Appreciating the ride
And the beauty
In it all...

Tony Taylor
* final edit ~ I promised 6 months ago that I'd
finally get this right....I think I've finally got it
there...whew!!....a struggle most worthwhile!!
Smiles.....T xo 🐧✴❤


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Cherie Leigh

Hey T!  I like the changes you have made to this write.  It is a great representation, again, of the way you are always looking to the universe to find answers and God...lol....amazed at what possibilities are out there in this vast galaxy.  It would be so nice to get to catch the tail of a comet and take a ride to see firsthand all the glory of God out there!  I love the imagery and imagination of this holy-surfer's ride.  I am happy you finally made this the way you intended it to be in its finality.  Congrats!  Love n Hugs, xo C

Tony Taylor

Thanx C!!.....Yeah!!...I knew I'd get it eventually....I think it was SYD back in January that inspired me to 'one day' get this right....but honestly, it's the same with most of my favorite stuff....ALWAYS takes a couple of rewrites to be happy with my work.....I thjink its because I write down my initial thoughts and ideas so quickly.....anyway, thanx again for always recognizing my 'process'......you're the best!!.....hugs-n-kisses!!......T xo 🐧✴❤

Tony Taylor

Thanx for reading GREG......and for the stars!!.....smiles.......T xo 😊