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What is life?Ā 
To those who have lost hopeĀ 
All they think is their life to be ropeĀ 
While life to them is an edge of knifeĀ 
Which cut all expectation
For them who see non of their
As their life lack ambition
While their lives fill with sad sensation
Life without hope is a misery
Fill with lot of bad history
In their days of happy misery

What is life?
To those who have hope
who works day and night for them to cope
They wait for things to get better
Even when they're in bitter
Their trust in God makes them stronger
While their life lack lively things which makes them weaker
Non do they hope for death
For those who think they are getting closer to wealth
In their days to come

What is life?
To those who don't need hope
They are born in abundance of hope
With all they have in hold
As they live in silver of gold
All they see is diamond on their road
Having hope in their pocket
Which makes them see life as man mold
Non do they taste from bitterness of hope
All they taste from, is bitterness of health

Life is a river
Those who can swim enjoys water
Those who can't drown of it
Life which is a marketĀ 
Where your hope in pocketĀ 
Determine what you hope to buy
Life is as small as an hole
That has no endĀ 
Life is a gameĀ 
To those who can play itĀ 
What is life to you?Ā 


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