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Hope I don't get to old

Hope I never get to old and forget what I need to remember for the fear of losing my mind and to find I no longer remember anything at all
I hope I don't get to old that I no longer remember all of that Important to me remembering the good days which I believe will go

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Cherie Leigh

HI Johnny...I hope that doesn't happen too...I don't want to forget things...My mother has Alzheimer's disease in its early stages, and I worry about her forgetting her life with us....I hope not...Getting older is scary.  But thankfully our experiences bring us memories to hold forever.  xo 

Johnny Walker

Cherie getting old Is scary you just don't know what's around  the corner my mother towards the end was that way It started with repeatedly asking the the time 
then what became most hurtful she  didn't know  my wife anymore  the very last time I saw her In hospital slump In a chair and totally unresponsive to anything around her It was  so sad  that's 
why I took to writing about my life with Helen through poetry so she would never be forgotten