Poem -

Horrors Befall

The Existential Crisis

Horrors Befall

I've done things I'm not proud of...

The world for me
Since my very day of birth
Has been a torture chamber
In which I've grown quite used to

In the same way a zebra grows used to running from a lion

I've dabbled in things that make me sick

Fought addictions hard to kick

The world has stretched me thin and thick
I admit sometimes I want to die

Dark as hell

But I'd rather not lie

Everyone's searching for that one good high
And I...named curious onlooker

Observer of all
Has seen quite enough

Of the horrors befall...earth

Twas the sight alone that cursed me
Surely this it was
For I would swim in toxic waters
Rarely ever yielding love

And finding, with such bittersweet reminding

That the twisted light though blinding

Had done simply what it does

Steal happiness and joy...just because

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Violet Freese

Oh wow friend... that is painful for to read it strikes too close to home,  I can
relate absolutely... you know this is hell if we make it that way and see it that way. ......or it is true, this can be heaven... if we choose to receive it.. there is the rub... it is so much easier I have found to just wallow in the dark and let it claim you,. rather than raise up and turn the light on,,, go figure'
Again best wishes for a Happy New Year]

Katina Woodruff...

The power in your writing really packs a punch. The pace was light and quick, I could hear the rhyme clearly at ever level of the poem.

Favorite line: 

n the same way a zebra grows used to running from a lion

What moved me the most in the poem was the revealing of the addictions. When you are in a place of sobriety, you are able to reel from the past a particular unique perspective that cannot be duplicated by anyone. So, I say, keep writing about the issues and keep writing the way that you have done here. I felt the passion behind your words. There are markets for creative nonfiction and for overcoming adversity. 

Thank you for sharing your poem. 

Kei Kei

I thought it was just me. 😱🍸... A toast to being tougher that these hard times.