Poem -

How the Bible Led Me to Islam ...(The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister by Joshua Evans)

How the Bible Led Me to Islam ...(The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister by Joshua Evans)

You opened your heart
to the truth and the light
the Bible led you to Islam
and liberated your sight

You love Jesus Christ 
and so the Muslims do 
believe in his miracles
and revere him too 

We are on the same side 
Allah the Almighty is our lord
the Islam is the guide
the religion of the world

You are reading my words now 
my sisters and brothers
so kindly tell me how 
we think about each other?


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Cherie Leigh

We are all seeking God....I am a Christian and believe Jesus is indeed the son of God and deity, not just a prophet...because He died for our sins...did not fake his death as the Koran says, or that would make him a liar and his sacrifice void to save the world.  I love all people and think God wants us to seek Him and not hurt each other over our beliefs. 16 years ago, I had a vision where Jesus visited me and told me things that would come true in my life....It changed me forever.  The only problem I have with Allah's portrayal in Islamic faith is that He says it is okay to kill anyone who does not believe the Muslim religion (calling them infidels), and the Christian version of God has God asking us to forgive our enemies and not kill.  Muslim men abuse their women and there are passages in the Koran/Quran that tell how they can hit their wives and not leave a mark for others to see...that bothers me...Women are treated as possessions and not respected, walking 10 paces behind their husbands, and stoned to death if suspected of affairs or even raped. There are common stories in many different religions, like about the world wide flood, etc....so there are many likenesses as well...We have to just all remember to love and not let the world teach us hatred.  I respect your journey to God.  xo ;)

Ebrahim Alkadi

Dear Cherie, 

Assalamualaikum = its mean peace upon you, this is the greeting in the Islam, so firstly i greet you in peace and wish you the peace and for all the humans, secondly islam means the submission to the will of Allah the Alnighty and its the same meaning of all religions and the same message, thirdly theres no God but only Allah the Almighty and theres no islamic or christian or jewish different portrayal the different in the naming in accordance with used languages, fourthly the Holy Quran didnt say that Jesus Christ peace be upon him FAKE his death or said that he is a LIAR , the Holy Quran said the following: (( Holy Quran Surah An Nisa  (4:157): And [for] their saying, “Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah.” And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain.)) so please focus on : THEIR SAYING...and THEY DID NOT KILL HIM, NOR DID THEY CRUCIFY HIM, BUT...WAS MADE TO RESEMBLE HIM TO THEM...so kindly please read the Holy Quran Carefully to not say wrong things, fifthly Muslims believes in Jesus Christ peace be upon him, we love,revere ,respect and  believe in Jesus peace upon on him as a messenger of God, not as a son of God, we believe in all his miracels, in his message, and we believe he still alive in heaven and he will back again to the earth, the worshiping it is only for God, without partners, sons, or anything, only for Allah the Almighty . 

BS: I attached a verse from the Holy Quran which talk about the fact of the crucifixion incident of Jesus Christ peace upon on him (which did not happen in reality).


BS: Everything i want to say it to you is exist in this video for the muslim scholar Ahmad Deedat, and he made a lot of debates with christians scholars such as Jimmy swaggart, Robert Douglas, Stanley Sjoberg and more ...and he proved from the Bible it self that Jesus Christ peace be upon him was not crucified or killed , he is not a son of God or God no , he is a prophet of God.

And here some notes: 

- Muslims do not believe in the inheritance of sin, because in this case anyone who believes that Jesus Christ peace be upon him carries his sins can commit the crimes without fearing anything because his sins are forgiven. In this case, I ask you if someone kills your father or your brother for no reason. That his sin is forgiven and that he can do this act again and the third and tenth?
for example: If we have twins and one of them committed a crime, do we punish the other for the act of his brother? Be candid with yourself.

 - if you search for The word ((Begotten)) has been deleted from some versions, such as the RSV revised standard version. It has been replaced by ((unique)), this word is an insult, God is the greatest because the meaning of the word Begotten is indicative of an act not worthy of the Creator, but his creatures.

 - Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, did not say anywhere a single statement of the Bible that he is God or the Son of God or :I am God, worship me, so please read the Bible carefully.
Sixthly this is not true that in any place in the Holy Quran any verse says KILL anyone who does not believe the Muslim religion , the fighting verses in the Holy Quran following with CONTEXT , and in the Islam the KILLING allowed only in the defence or in the case of aggression against Muslims and not as you described, this is not true and the evidence of that in most Arabic countries lives millions of Christians and other religions followers for a thousand years and were not killed even though they lived under Islamic rule, so please again read the Holy Quran deeply ,neutrality and without prejudgments.
seventhly about the relationship between man and woman theres a lot of misundrstanding and there is a long chapter in the Holy Quran called (( Al NESAA = The Women)) talking about this and in many other places in the Holy Quran, so before you judge read it please.
stoning in the Islam for both MAN and WOMAN if they commite fornication and they were married, and stoning can not be done without 4 witnesses and they testified the same situation with full details and thats Which is so rare to happen, and actually in the whole story of the Islam we know ONE case of stoning , only ONE, so please dont be hurry to judge, and our women they are QUEENS not possessions as you said, this is a wrong image you had it.

Finally i respect you and i will be happy to share our thoughts.


Cherie Leigh

I think it is wonderful that you want to learn all you can of God.  The Holy Bible does indeed show that Jesus is God.  He is called the "Word" and in in the book of John it says, "In the beginning was the word, He was with God, and He Was God.  He created all things...nothing was created without Him."  He calls Himself the "Great I Am" which is only a name for God and he accepted worship, which would be blasphemy if He was not God.  He calls Himself the Son of God many times in scriptures.  I had a vision and He spoke to me sixteen  years ago, and presented Himself as God and Jesus...The word, "Begotten" means from the same source...and the Bible says Jesus is God's only begotten son, coming out of His own bosom, which means He is of the same source and deity.  If a beaver begets a beaver, it is representational of that animal, same for all things begotten....so  too then God is saying Jesus is of His same essence.  Jesus would NEVER allow another to take his place on the cross, because His purpose of coming was to die for our sins, and only a sinless God could do so.  His sacrifice does not mean we can do whatever we want and sin, it helps us to NOT want to sin because our God gave us a bridge through Jesus to be redeemed.  To believe in Jesus changes one's heart and gives them hope to overcome sinning.  We all sin, and the flesh does not allow us to be perfectly sinless....The act of God 's son dying on the cross gave that sacrifice of perfection to take on all our sins that we cannot overcome on our own and God made a plan to provide us a way to be united with Him, but we cannot in our sinful state.  There were over 500 witnesses of Jesus dying and his resurrection to life in three days.  His own mother put spices on His dead body.  Joseph of Arimathea gave His tomb for Jesus' body to be placed in. Jesus showed his 12 disciples his crucifixion scars through his hands and feet, and the sword stab in his side when He resurrected.  500 witnesses saw him go back to heaven and disperse the Holy Spirit to be with them before He left.  It would make no sense for Him to use another man to represent himself when there is no human that is sinless to do that  redemption for us...the point of His coming to earth was to teach the gospel of His kingdom to come and to provide reconciliation with His Father in heaven.  I have read about 50% of the Quran, and my brother in law is Muslim.  He showed me passages about beating women.  Stoning is barbaric and wrong.  Jesus spoke against such punishments.  He spoke of forgiveness and changing.  He said, "He who is sinless cast the first stone" when speaking to a crowd about to stone a woman for adultery.  They all put their stones down and ran away.  Jesus looked at the woman who was fearful, and told her that her persecutors were gone, and that she should go and "sin no more"....He made the point that we all sin, and that we have no right to judge punishment of death on what He covers.  The Bible says death has no sting because of His Love and sacrifice.  Our punishment is death, but hope afterwards because of His gift through His own blood.  It is a beautiful gift.  Every prophecy in the Bible has come true so far and that is 80%...the only prophesies left unfulfilled are about Jesus' return.  God tells us in the Bible that we can believe He is the one true God because if He is not, then the prophesies would not come as He says...But they are!  And he says that Babylon will never be able to be inhabited again and it has never been...anyone who tries dies!  Saddam Hussein tried and failed. This is a sign that God says will be proof of who He is and His words being true.  He lists animals that will come to live in swamps there....very strange animals not of that area...and today every one of those animals is there!  I find that amazing.  The Quran was written hundreds of years after the bible, and with NO witnesses...Just Mohammed going into a cave alone and saying an angel gave Him the messages, and since he was illiterate, it was not written down until hundreds of years after his death by word of mouth.  The Bible was written by actual witnesses of Jesus in their lifetime and they all wrote of the same accounts even though they were spread far apart and did not know what the others wrote...but they all gave the same accounts of Jesus.  When I had my vision, Jesus spoke to me like a waterfall reverberating, and yet I understood every word.  He told me I would miscarry a child, and I did.  He told me I would have many children even though I was infertile...I have four children. I know He is who He claimed to be.  I saw Him face to face, and it changed me forever.  He held the Bible in His hands and flames swirled around the bottom half of his body...It was intense.  I felt the love He held for the world He created...and fire swirled in His eyes....I share my experience with people now to give hope...because I know God is real and we can trust His words....When Mohammed died, he told his 13 year old wife that He thought it was a Jin (demon) that choked him (3 times) and forced him to speak the words he said, not the angel Gabriel.  The Koran was written from word of mouth, without witnesses. and hundreds of  years after Jesus left...with no one who actually knew him.  But the Bible was written by his own disciples that lived with him and heard him preach and saw Him die and resurrect.  This is why I base my faith on the Bible and because I actually had an experience with Jesus appearing to me.  I believe God loves all people of all religions, but I believe He would sure love it if we continue to seek Him and ultimately He will reveal the truth and His Kingdom to finally bring peace and unity to all....Peace to you.  xo ;)    

Ebrahim Alkadi

Dear Cherie, 
Assalamualaikum, I think you probably did not see the videos which i sent to you, if you want the answers you can watch the videos , you will be surprised .

You read 50 % of the Holy Quran so thats makes you not able to judge it, this is not fair, finish it first then judge it.

You said many incorrect things about our beloved prophet peace be upon him and about Islam, so please read more and dont judge and be hurry just to reply.

You do not need to tell me about the love of Jesus Christ peace be upon him , we Muslims believe in him and we love and appreciate and respect him and we do not mention his name without saying: peace be upon him, his name mentioned in the Holy Quran more than the name of our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and there is a complete chapter in the name of the Virgin Mary peace be upon her, i advise you to read it and listen to this chapter to see how much the Holy Quran spoke about her with full respect, love and appreciation.

With full respect