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How well do ye remember thy dreams
Ye never knew me as Dreamer
I bid that you remember when you sleep
And also I bid that you must master it
How to define if you don’t memory all of it
But I have watched ye all your dreams
Whether you may not remember it all
But if thou doth have the best of it
Shall I be your witness cause I am Dreamer

Dream, dream, how many dreams doth thou remember
Or dream, dream, how many times ye sayth, I don’t remember
Oh, ye knew it thyself that thou doth sayth, I don’t remember
Well, well, dream, enjoy, and remember, aye, remember it all
Practice, believe, receive, and perceive, quoted the sayth
How well are thy heart that pumps so aesthetically
I would sayth well done, and sayth thou doth remember it well
But what about tomorrow, and the next day
What about all the time that ye need to remember them all

I am Dreamer
I remember ye, all of you, and I do not forget all your dreams
Because the authority gave me from an ancient ago
That I shall have it to rule anything that I desire
But lucky ye that I am one of the believers that faith
Ye know my rule of the authority that power over all the dreams
Yet I act as an accord to our Holy Creator
Oh, be grateful that I am like Him that let thou doth thy will
Will, will, aye, free will for all of ye to dream like free choice

©️ Ismael Mansoor

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