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Hurricane Eddy

Hurricane Eddy

It’s the calm before the storm 
eeriness chills the eventide
There’s not a creature left in sight coz they have all run to hide

Darkness dims the canvas of clouds, a slight breeze gains its power.... shaking the saturated leaves on the branches from the heavy shower

Fathers with their helpful sons are busy battening down the hatches amidst the onlookers of the elderly with concerned hand, head scratches

Hurricane Eddy is currently creating chaos on the coast
blasting swollen seas against the defence walls whilst giving the shores a roughened roast 

Shall Eddy ease his speed & gusto ? Perhaps he will alter his course ? Never-the-less one has to be prepared to fight this strong fierce force

Category four-five has left ruined wreckage in it’s wake
only fifty miles away as the crow flies for heaven’s sake

God bless these nearby towns & low lands nestling not too far away...keep them safe in the arms of Mother nature out of the hurricane Eddy’s harm I pray

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Cherie Leigh

Oh gosh!  I did not know about Hurricane Eddy!  I know in NC, we were worried about Hurricane Dorian, but it hit the Bahamas and when it reached the North Carolina coast it was not as bad...but lots of people hurting from the aftermath it caused.  I have a feeling that we are in for a rough hurricane season on the East Coast.  Hurricanes are so unpredictable in their course, and often change their path too for better or worse....We should always pray for those who endure such horrific weather conditions.  Thanks for sharing. xo 

Jill Tait

Awww Eddy is my imagination luv n hope it doesnt happen xxxx thsnks luv as always 💕💕💕