Poem -

I can’t make you love me

I can’t make you love me

Tho we’ve known each other
for a lifetime
Since we were both in class at school
You always mocked & teased me
You used to treat me like a fool

Yet I worshipped the ground you walked on
There was never anyone else but you
Then we left school & went our seperate ways
But I missed your face, I was so blue

I can’t make you love me
I can only hope you care
Coz I can’t force the feelings
If the feelings are not there
Tho I try to be myself
Sometimes I overly impress
Then I go & get tongue-tied
& I end up in a total mess

Oh please can you go easy
on this heart of mine
Tell me the things I need to know
I promise that I will be fine
I’d rather not go on being misled
Than build my world around you
I need to know what’s in your head
Do you feel the same way that I do