Poem -

I did something stupid

I did something stupid

I did something stupid last night
But I’m tired, don’t wanna fight 
At least not today or tonight
Can you please come and hug me tight? 

Or maybe are you tired of me
Everyone is, I’m like a broken tree
Every word you say 
hits me like I’m some sort of prey

You haven’t been texting or calling
What happened to when you said you were all in.

I knew I had done something stupid last night,
I trusted you for the very last time,
It’s like I saw the light,
But then I realized you were committing a crime,

Baby who told you it was okay to steal,
Steal my heart in 5 days,
And break it in 20 and expect it to heal,
Now you can’t assure my heart stays
We have to go our separate ways.

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