Poem -

A night at the Opera

I am young 
my tales unsung
Waiting for consistency
I long to be a symphony 

Completed soon

I wait for cadence
my music will be faded
for I was dissonance
Quickly pulled into an interlude 

I’m back
the show has resumed
i was pushed on track
but could it be? Perhaps I am doomed

For now a speeding train runs my way
halfway now, on the railway
i close my eyes waiting for them to say
“calm down, it’s only a screenplay”

“a dramatic night in the opera
sentrisi a casa
ladies and gentlement, I’m proud to present
a night of dissapointment

as opportunities arrive
watch her shrive
“how is she still alive?”
she’s working overdrive”

it’s purely fiction 
My mind is my affliction 
i have a prediction
it’s me saying my benediction


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