Poem -

I Held On To A Dream

When I was kid I had me dream to meet a girl and fall In love It was a dream  I carried through child
For It gave the strength to survive to go on and realise my dream 
many year's would pass by before my dream would become
‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčFor a girl I knew as kid but child abuse had turned me to a recluse to shy to have ever asked her
Many years went by till I met her again but I was determined to not let her slip away for she was the only girl that gave me a
we're others  not even glance a chance meeting had bought together again soon after I asked If she'd marry
It was then that she told she had always loved me and had no problem saying yes to marrying 

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Johnny...That is so romantic and shows how fate/God had a hand in being sure  you and Helen got together.  I am so sorry for your past of abuse and the way it made you shy and reclusive...Tragedies and traumas in life can do that to people....I have a similar situation that affected me as a young girl.  I am so glad that you and Helen got your chance and had a life of love together to always keep with you, even as she has passed on....but that love will never die...You will see her again. xo ;)