Poem -

I Love You

I Love You

I love you like a fish loves the sea
I love you like the air loves a bee
I love you like a bird loves a treeĀ 
I love you like a Shaman in ecstasy.

I love youĀ  like a flower in the Spring
I love you, I don't need a diamond ring
I love you like the heat from the sun
I love you like a marathon runner loves to run

I love you in the Darkness and the light
I love you through the blackest winter night
I love you like the wind loves a kite
I love you like the eyes love their sight.

I love you in good times and in bad
I love you for the flowers when I'm sad
I love you for standing by my side
I love you though it's been a rocky rideĀ 

I love you in Heather and in clover
I love you for the way that you roll over
I love you for your smile when I'm feeling blue
I love you just because of being you

I love you and it's all I have to say
I love you, more with each and every passing day
I love you even though you're far away
I love you like a potter loves his clay

I love you with the rising of the Sun
I love you by the setting of the Moon
I love you in a million different ways
I love you until the end of my days


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Djangos Daughter

Thanks a millionĀ  Kieran. Always appreciate you dropping by. DD x

A Lonely Journey

Beautiful, D's.Ā 
That's a lucky person!Ā 
Great writing.Ā 


Djangos Daughter

Thanks Matthew yes we live in different countries but love for a past love lives on in one form or another. DD

Djangos Daughter

Hi India many thanks for taking your time to read. Very much appreciated.Ā  DD