Poem -

I Miss You

I started falling for you the day I saw you,I never thought Id have the chance to be with you,when we started talking you made me feel so happy inside, and now that were not all I can do is cry,I loved that cheesy smile you had, that high pitched, annoying ass laugh that made me blush so bad, your beautiful bright eyes and the way you made me feel inside, I hope you know I miss talking to you and right now im dying inside,I know you dont think we'd work out, but im willing to take the chance to find out, you make me feel things I havent felt before im willing to take the chance to get to know you more,Its hard to except the fact that you dont like me, I need to move on or else ill never be happy,but that short time I knew you  I was the happiest ive been, sense ive known you I looked  forward to the end of the day just so I could talk to you,but now were just friends, you dont talk to me the way you use too,I cant accept the fact that you dont want me...because I want you, maybe one day  you'll see me and look at me the way I looked at you.

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