Poem -

Iconic psychotic!

Iconic psychotic!

Tell me who I am?
Drowning in society,
Leaking thoughts of a clouded reality,
Which smile do I use?
Which laughter do I abuse?
Tell me,
Darkness overwhelms,
I know I'm going to hell,
I seek for truth but my face pours anger,
I think of a thousand words but can't choose one to say,
I pray to "somebody" to take this insanity all away,
I'm listening,
I'm whispering,
I'm hypnotic,
It's me!
An iconic psychotic!
I smile,
I hide,
I'm my own poisoned tonic!
It's me!
An iconic psychotic!
I've got a plan,
Then I'm just mad!
Bitten nails,
Razor blade,
Different face,
Mental pain,
I've lost my identity,
I've even changed my name,
I'm manic,
I'm frantic,
Maybe pathetic,
Tick, tock,
Tick, tock,
It's me,
An iconic psychotic...

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Gerard McGowan

Excellent rhyming and I love the darkness that twists through it, there is just something about the darkness I think, something enticing about the unknown.

Wayne Stubbs

Thank you, very true, I'm always intruiged by the darkness within 😊