Poem -

I'll be waiting

To those hoping to find

I'll be waiting

Its cold out here,
But i'm still waiting,
The weather tastes of fear,
But i'm still waiting,

Maybe i've met you,
Maybe i've not,
Maybe your the planet i haven't sought,

I still don't know who you are,
I still don't know your smell,
Your heartbeat,
I haven't memorised your taste,

So i'm gonna wait,
Till the heat hurts,
I'm gonna wait,

And when you finally come,
And were under the stars,
I'll take my mask off,
And you'll throw away yours,

And we will lie naked,
Only us and the moonโ€™s gaze,
And we will smile softly,
Liying face to face.


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Pratibha Savani

Enjoyed this waiting for a loved one after the pandemic is gone. Hopeful and romantic. Great verses. ๐Ÿ’œ