Poem -

Illumination Through Darkness

Determination Through Pain

Illumination Through Darkness

Darkness and emptiness is a plague inside
Negative thoughts and emotions override
Your mind is fogged and confused
And your devil inside is becoming amused

You fell into depression, sadness, and hate
Saw no light, and in darkness you dwell and debate
Fighting yourself in a jail cell of your own mind
Killing yourself over and over for millions of corpses to find

Once in a blue moon light enters through the cracks of your blackened eyes
You are loved and wanted and affect dozens of people's lives
The true reality is hard to find
Though with truest faith, true consciousness breaks from that dark state of mind

With the help of friends, family, and loved ones. 
With the flaming determination of a thousand suns. 
Many break free from the prison-like mind
If you're still stuck, seek purest faith, and ye shall find. 

Under the spell which you are despondent
Train of thought and peace of mind isn't correspondent
Hurtful temptations and coping is abused 
Choose the healthy pathway so the pain is defused

Happiness, love, acceptance, and fate
Motivations to excel, it's not too late
The importance behind life is the true reality
Extend your hand, together we'll live in prosperity

Eliminate the pain, sorrow, and woe
The jail cell of your mind is your biggest foe
Though together with utmost faith and love 
The eclipse of light into your life will make you fly like a dove