Poem -

I'm far too gone.

I'm far too gone.

I want to fall into the night,
Let the city sounds pulse through me,
Let it bring me back to life. 
I've been asleep for too long,
Under clouds of uncertainty,
Below floors of absurdity. 
Wake me up, wake me up,
Time blurs into a speck,
As the space swallows me whole. 
I'm craving a fresh day,
A crisp idea of a thought. 
All I'm left with are mouthfuls 
of promised returns and
Fistfuls of last hello's. 
Weighed down by this silence,
Scream, scream into my ears
Until I bleed over these pages. 
Echoes and shadows, 
Dust over old words,
They've found home in me. 
The ink will run dry one day,
They warmed me, alarmed me, 
But with the last of it, I still pour.

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Barry Childs

Oh, fantastic poetry. Sad, but so often true. I love it.  Barry x