Poem -

I'm finally free

I'm finally free~

Sometimes in the quietness.. I miss you, and long for your sweet kiss, your warm embrace, and the way you'd wrapped your arms so tightly around my waist.

I miss the tickle of your finger tracing little circles on my face, feeling every gentle touch as you make my heart race! 

I miss your blue eyes,  gazing into mine- filled with intensity, and love sublime. Your big strong arms would hold me tight, never letting go, making love to me all night!

No one else existed in our little fairytale, living in the moment, I thought our love would prevail! 

But, in a blink our fairytale became darkened, our memories became bleak, our love no longer in Cinque. 

Words were spoken you can't erase!  Truth became lies, as my heart began to break!

The love I felt so real and true, became distorted and  cruel! I could no longer breathe, or try to break through! 
My worst reality...losing you!!

The moments we shared, the memories we made, vanished into the waves of the sea.  I was not prepared for the damage bestowed upon me! 

You played your part and played it well, you won this game and cast your spell! You broke my heart, and stole my soul. The grief is too much, I'm no longer in control! 

You play the victim, as you lie and cheat...with your vindictive rhythm, I feel defeat! 

Time was wasted, for I gave you my all!  Your daring threats built up my wall! 

And though my love for you was real, I put on my wings and begin to fly. Learning to find the beauty in me, developing strength and setting you free!

Loving myself, and letting go of the pain, releasing my tears I’m now able to contain! 

The person I was, no longer I'll be! It's time to move on, and learn to love me! I'm letting you go as you clearly demanded. You can hurt me no longer, or leave my heart stranded!

I'm Stronger now than I've ever been, my heart will heal and start to love again! 

So, darling play your games, for you'll never win...you had me once, but never again!!

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